How Chiropractic Care Can Alleviate Foot Pain

Foot pain is such a common problem that 75 percent of all Americans will experience it at some point. With 26 bones in each foot, it’s easy to understand why. Each foot also contains nerves that send messages to the brain telling it the precise location of the body. This process, called proprioception, is necessary for the brain to coordinate the feet and other parts to make the desired motion.

Additionally, the feet bare the impact of a person’s entire body weight striking pavement or flooring thousands of times every day. This can easily result in damage to the bones, nerves, muscles, tendons, and ligaments that can cause significant pain. Ill-fitting shoes and disease, such as complications of diabetes, can produce foot problems as well.

While foot pain is not always preventable, the good news is that chiropractic care can make it short-lived. Treatment typically consists of chiropractic manipulation, orthotic shoes, exercise, or another non-surgical option to reduce foot pain.

A Chiropractic Approach to Common Foot Problems

Most people have either experienced or heard about plantar fasciitis. People with this ailment experience pain in the heel due to a strain in the ligaments that support the arch of the foot. The condition is named for the plantar fascia, a band of tissues that connects the toes to the heel bone. It also supports the arch of the foot. Ligament strains typically cause pain, swelling, and inflammation.

Traditional medical doctors often prescribe medication or give cortisone shots to patients complaining of plantar fascia pain. However, chiropractors take a natural approach to pain management. This might include adjusting posture, teaching patients to balance their weight equally between feet, and specific at-home exercises. Patients may find the fastest, most effective relief by working with both a doctor and a chiropractor. Some of the other foot ailments a chiropractor can help with include:

Foot pain may be common but it doesn’t have to be inevitable. Those who are not finding relief though ordinary means may want to consider adding or switching to chiropractic care.

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