Prenatal Massage: An Expecting Mothers’ Secret Weapon

Ask any mother about pregnancy, and they will all tell you that those nine months leading up to one of the most special moments of their life are just as stressful as they are exciting. The changes that the body goes through, compounded with the anxiety of preparing for life with a bigger family, can have tremendous physical and emotional impact on the mother-to-be. That’s why here at Conscious Chiropractic, we suggest all expecting moms get regular massage therapy to combat some of these issues.

Prenatal massage can have a tremendous impact over the course of a pregnancy. Some of the benefits include:

Management of Joint/Musculoskeletal Stress

Carrying the extra weight during pregnancy puts an extreme amount of stress on muscles and joints, especially the ones the bear weight. Regular massage can help promote and maintain flexibility and relieve pain caused by lower and upper back pain, leg cramps, neck pain, hip pain and general fatigue.

Powerful Stress Relief

Keeping up with doctor’s appointment, getting the babies room ready, planning the baby shower, all while dealing with the physical changes can pile a tremendous amount of stress on a woman. That stress can lead to increased blood pressure, anxiety, and heart palpitations. Massage can soothe and relax the nervous system through the release of endorphins during the session, helping stabilize blood pressure and hormonal levels and fight anxiety.

Maximize Circulation

A lot is asked of the bodies’ circulatory system during pregnancy, with blood volume increasing up to 60 percent compared to normal. Regular massage ensures that blood flow out to the muscles and back to the heart is regulated, ensuring that oxygen and nutrients are being evenly distributed among the body.

As with any decision you make during pregnancy, be sure to consult your doctor before making an appointment, just to make sure it wont cause any issues. For more information on booking appointment an with us, check out our prenatal massage page.

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