Tech Industry Workers & Back Pain

In the past 20 to 30 years, work has changed dramatically for many people. And with our office based in the technology hub that is downtown San Francisco, we have a front row seat to how the modern day office environment has contributed to increased musculoskeletal pain among employees.

Today’s Office Environment Promotes Poor Posture

Today’s employee spends long hours sitting at a desk, hunched over a computer to complete his or her work. When workers aren’t bent over a computer, there’s a good chance they are using a cell phone, a laptop, or another type of electronic that forces them into a position of poor posture. As a result of so much sitting, more people are visiting chiropractors than at any other time in modern history. We have definitely noticed this trend, as a large percentage of our clientele are made up of office workers complaining of symptoms related to poor posture.

While the increase in chiropractic care may not be surprising, the average age of our new patients is a bit startling. Young office workers still in their 20s arrive at our office complaining of back pain, pinched nerves, neck pain, headaches, and a variety of other conditions caused by strain on the musculoskeletal system. What these young adults often don’t realize is that seemingly unrelated symptoms, such as the onset of allergies, fatigue, dizziness, and tingling in the extremities are often caused by poor posture.

Treatment Options for Today’s Tech Workers

The human spine wasn’t designed to remain in one position for more than eight hours a day. However, office workers today need to get their work done and often have little control over the time they must sit at a desk. What they do have control over is visiting a chiropractor for regular treatments.
With a manual adjustment, our chiropractors move the patient’s vertebrae into an optimal anatomical postiion. Since a manual adjustment takes pressure off pinched nerves or compressed vertebrae in the neck and back, most patients experience immediate relief. To keep the pain from returning, we typically prescribe exercises or stretches for the patient to complete between appointments in order to keep them pain free.

Are you an office worker here is San Francisco experiencing increasing neck and back pain? Let us help you find relief! Visit our chiropractic treatment page for more information on our process and treatment plan.

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